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Credit Card

Credit Card Information

  • A credit card is a payment card that allows users to make purchases and pay them off later.
  • Credit cards come with different interest rates, rewards programs, fees, and credit limits.
  • CGC Finserv offers individuals various types of credit cards, including cashback, reward points, and travel cards.
  • Credit cards can be used for online and in-person purchases and cash withdrawals from ATMs.
  • Credit cards have a billing cycle and a due date for repayment.

are you eligible ?

21-60 Years

Salaried & Self -Employed

Min. Income Of 20000 INR /Per Month

Good Credit Score ( Usually Above 750 )

Identity Proff, Address Proff, income Proff

How To Apply -

  • Step -1

    Visit CGC Finserv Website And Select The Credit Card You Want To Apply For.

  • Step -2

    Check The Eligibility Citeria And Esure That You Meet The requirment.

  • Step -3

    Submit The Requirment Docoment Such As Identity Address And Income Proff

  • Step -4

    Wait For The Bank Apporval ANd Confirmation

  • Step -5

    One Approved The Credit Card Will Be Deliverd To Your Registered Address

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