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CGC Finserv is seeking a Digital Financial Advisor to join our team. As a trusted brand in the financial services industry, we aim to guide customers through the credit card and personal loan application processes. Your role will involve assisting customers from lead generation to disbursement, ensuring a seamless and informed experience. In addition, you will have the opportunity to empower and support our neighbourhood advisors. Join us in revolutionizing personal finance and building successful careers in the digital era. Apply now!

Benefits and Perks

  1. Trustworthy and reputable financial services brand.
  2. Comprehensive guidance through credit card and personal loan applications.
  3. Enhanced customer knowledge and confidence in decision-making.
  4. Seamless and user-friendly digital financial advisor experience.
  5. Access to neighbourhood advisors for personalized assistance.
  6. Ownership of the entire customer journey for faster credit decisions.
  7. Effective after-sales service and support.
  8. Platform for digital financial advisors to build successful careers.
  9. Opportunities for professional growth and development.
  10. Commitment to empowering customers, lenders, and partners in personal finance.

Company Culture

At CGC Finserv, our company culture is centred around trust, innovation, and customer-centricity. We foster an environment where employees are encouraged to collaborate, take ownership, and continuously improve. We value diversity, inclusivity, and professional growth, providing a supportive platform for individuals to excel and contribute to the success of our mission in the personal finance industry.

Application Process

Step 1

Access our user-friendly digital platform, "Apka Apna Fintech Advisor."

Step 2

Complete the lead generation form with your details.

Step 3

Receive personalized guidance on credit card and personal loan applications.

Step 4

Submit necessary documents securely through our platform.

Step 5

Experience a seamless and efficient application process.

Step 6

Benefit from the expertise of our neighbourhood advisors, available in-person if required.

Step 7

Receive prompt updates on your application status.

Step 8

Enjoy faster credit decisions due to our streamlined process.

Step 9

Receive effective after-sales service and support.

Step 10

Gain confidence in making informed decisions about your finances.


You can apply for a credit card with us by visiting our website and filling out our online application form.

We typically process credit card applications within 1-2 business days. However, it may take longer in some cases, depending on the information provided.

Your credit limit is determined based on various factors, including your credit score and income. We will provide you with your credit limit after processing your application.

Yes, you can use your CGC Finserv credit card for purchases anywhere that accept Visa or Mastercard, including outside the country.

You can make payments on your credit card by logging into your online account and making a payment through our secure payment portal. You can also set up automatic payments for added convenience.

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